180,000 for a modified Rolex, only to find you’ve stepped in a hole!

The reason for this is that a while ago, a friend of mine, Fei, found a rabbit and came up with a big picture, saying that he had just recently received a Rolex, a Paul Newman plate.

I saw the picture and had a feeling in my heart, but after all, I wasn’t particularly familiar with it at the time, so I didn’t dare to say anything, so I asked around and found out that I had “inadvertently” bought a modified Rolex, which came from a relatively famous foreign modification factory called Blaken.

When I asked the price, it was over 180,000. The original form of this watch is the most common steel model of the Ditonnas, and the modification of the Paul Newman plate was done on the basis of this watch.

By the way, I’d like to give you a glimpse of what a real Paul Newman Ditoner looks like (thanks to King Rao of Hangzhou for lending me the picture, but of course the picture is so crummy, it had to be taken by me).

Little Fei said she was attracted by this Paul Newman dial and liked it so much that she took the initiative to ask a rep who was still relatively familiar with it in her circle of friends: “I’ve actually bought a few watches from him, so I’m not a stranger, fake iwc watches and I did take the initiative to ask for this watch. I didn’t know much about it at the time, so I bought it because I thought it looked good. But I didn’t even know it was a conversion watch before, and the other person kept telling me that it was a limited edition and very rare.”

The most crucial issue came up, that is, the modified Rolex lost the Rolex after-sales qualification, which means that if there is any problem, the Rolex service will not be responsible.

When Fei asked the agent why he hadn’t been informed in advance, he was told that the other party still insisted on the argument that “a modified watch is worth more”.

In fact, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the idea of refitting Rolexes, especially if you’re a newcomer. Some of the more famous refitters include Blaken, Bamford, ProjectX Designs and Titan Black, with the first two being particularly well known.

In fact, there are also factories in China that do refitted Rolexes, basically concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, but there is a difference. Generally, the big foreign factories only do refitting of brand new Rolex watches and do not accept second-hand watches, while the small domestic factories are free to do so.

In principle, refitting a Rolex is more expensive than buying a new Rolex, for example, the Explorer 1, more than 30,000 before refitting, and some can sell for 60,000 to 70,000 after refitting. Some people think this is a business opportunity, so some domestic plating factories take on such work. It is said that some owners of second-hand shops sometimes receive Rolexes of poorer quality and may take them for direct modification.

There is a market for modified watches and there is no denying that there is indeed a group of people who voluntarily take their watches to be modified for fun. For example, there are veteran watch enthusiasts in the Rabbit Group who have taken their Green Sailor to have it refitted, and this is a choice made with all knowledge.

However, there are quite a few newbies who have also been punked out like Xiao Fei. “In fact, if the agent told me all the circumstances beforehand, including the fact that it was modified and that it could no longer go into the Lau suit, I would have considered whether to buy it or not in the end. In fact, the watch still looked good on me, but I was naturally unhappy to buy it because I didn’t know about it.” Little Fei said.

Most of them told me that they would “inform the customer of the actual situation and let them decide whether to buy or not”, but I did come across people who didn’t know anything about selling. “I’m only responsible for selling, I don’t know much else, we have a professional master in charge of after-sales.” This was the reply of a sales representative shop, so you can imagine that there should be quite a few people who are pitched.

Of course there is also a part that just knows but doesn’t say, bullying inexperienced newcomers.

In addition to modifications, there is also the word “post-drill”, which is often seen on the most common steel watches, inlaid with diamonds to attract customers at a much cheaper price than the original diamonds, similar to “80,000 to wear hundreds of thousands of shiny” and so on, to meet the psychology of some people to spend less and spend more. The latter is a great way to satisfy the desire of some people to spend less and make more. But also, after the diamond for Rolex, also lost the official after-sales qualification, which, I’m afraid, a lot of the agency will not say.

“Generally after the diamond of the table, will choose more basic models, such as quartz watches or the simplest automatic movement, so that the maintenance pressure is small, the shop master can also repair.” A second-hand shop salesman informed privately.

After all, the diamond on the watch is said to be the most expensive diamond, for the “after diamond” business, the profit margin is quite large. Another watch enthusiast told Bunny yesterday that someone had bought a new rainbow-ring yacht in Hong Kong for $300,000. The watch was priced at 510,000 on the mainland, and even in Hong Kong, you can’t take it for 300,000, no doubt about the rear diamond (and it’s a fake sold as the real thing, the average rear diamond is estimated at 150,000), but unfortunately the person who bought it had no idea.

There is one thing, however, as far as refitted watches are concerned, the only one that is officially authorised at the moment is Zenith, which has a partnership agreement with Bamford in the UK and is a legitimate refitter. Other than that, it’s important to be cautious, especially for newcomers, and to consider whether you’re comfortable with it first.

In fact, after reading Little Fei’s story, the rabbit realised that there is too much information asymmetry about the watches themselves, plus there are too many channels to buy watches nowadays (the only one that doesn’t like to go to domestic boutiques), which leads to many pitfalls.

The other day I read a news story about a man who checked out of a hotel in Hangzhou after staying there and remembered that a Patek Philippe of more than 80,000 yuan had been left on the hotel bed, but the hotel staff claimed not to have seen it. It was simple social news, but when the man showed his proof of purchase, the rabbit was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this one of the legendary three pieces of fake watches?

The man said his watch was brought back from Germany by a friend (in fact, those who know the brand will know that Patek Philippe simply does not have a men’s watch at the price of 80,000, and this watch is fake at first glance, so I won’t put up a picture), another story of a pitted acquaintance.

If he hadn’t lost his watch, I guess he would never have known he was buying a fake watch (and if he hadn’t seen the rabbit article, he might not have known it so far either).

Generally speaking, if you see the following certificate in a watch you’re buying, it says it all: it’s a definite fake. It’s like a tailor-made “I’m a fake watch” certificate.

But because too many people never shop and don’t know anything about the brand before they buy, it’s inevitable that they will be fooled.

The rabbit has collected a few certificates from brands as a simple reference for future watch purchases.

First of all, Patek Philippe has a “birth certificate”, on which the name of the purchaser is written and your purchase record is kept in the shop. It also gives you priority to buy certain watches at a certain stage through accumulation. Of course, if you’re looking for a reseller, your name is basically left to others, so you can understand why many resellers buy directly as VIPs.

Vacheron Constantin has more than one type of certificate. This is a limited edition, for example, and in addition to the specially printed watch certificate, there are also certificates for Geneva and chronometer certification.

If there is only the Geneva Seal, there is a handwritten Geneva Seal certificate in addition to the watch certificate (the white paper is the watch certificate and the other is the Geneva Seal certificate).

Of course, the rabbit cannot post all the certificates of all brands today, just for your reference when buying these popular brands.

Finally, the most sincere advice is.

1, within the right price difference, try to buy from domestic brand shops, that is the best guarantee.

2, encounter too cheap things, first ask yourself, the pie in the sky, why so easily to your turn, head clearer, let reason to decide, more questions are not ashamed.

3, some people say why you say a glance fake, I can not see, no other reason is to see too little. If you shop around more and touch the real thing before you buy, you won’t be easily cheated.

4, the watch is for their own buy, everything pretend to be a facade, the last will be the heart dripping blood ah.

There’s really no shortcut to buying something, just watch more and play more, ask more professionals and watchmakers who have spent money on tuition, and take fewer detours. If you have any questions about buying a watch, please feel free to leave a message to Bunny in the background, I’ll tell you everything.

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